How long will my on-line gallery stay up for my friends and family to see?

You can expect up to 6 months of access to your gallery after which I will archive it.

I lost my photographs on the dvd/memory stick.  Do you have backup?

I keep all the edited material for up to 3 years. After that period of time I delete it.  

Unedited extras are deleted after the edits are finalized.

what are some interesting locations to go to for a family or portrait photosession

I prefer working in areas you are comfortable and familiar with, which could be a local park.  

I also love places such as Cassiobury Park , which offers fields of bluebells in May or Mayfield Lavender farm in August.  

For more ideas check out my London Locations page for more ideas.



By booking an appointment with me you are subject to these full terms and conditions.

  • Olga Shibiko Photography retains copyright and ownership of all images taken during the photo-shoot. Editing or altering of the images in terms of style, colour, additions, subtractions, cropping or any other form of post-production or enhancement is not permitted.
  • Olga Shibiko Photography reserve the right to use and exhibit the images wholly or in part for any purpose required, including, but not limited to; portfolio, display, advertising, marketing and editorial in a variety of print and digital formats.
  •  When printing your photos please note Olga Shibiko Photography cannot be held responsible for poor quality prints from printing shops or online printers. Olga Shibiko PHotography can provide you with professional prints, please contact me to discuss the price of these.