Pergola Gardens

beautiful park setting with rustic pergola garden.  some shade.



London Eye, big ben, embankment

London Eye and embankment are beautiful and versatile with Leake Street just around the corner it is a great London location.


Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel

Near by London Eye , great urban space.


South Bank and Tower Bridge

consists of a lovely walk with urban, industrial feel

(indoor space is limited to under bridges and pubs and Hay's Galleria)



ST PAUL Cathedral & Millenium bridge

a unique location of modern clean lines, under the bridge tunnel esthetics and classical architecture of the cathedral.  Not too far from St Paul's is St. Dunstan in the East providing additional somewhat more rustic setting.



Leadenhall Market


a great indoor space.  Best at early hours of the morning and weekdays



University of Greenwhich, Park and Tunnel

a combination of classical architectural lines of the university, plenty of roof space, park and urban tunnel.

great for indoor shoots



Kew Gardens

beautiful park with palace backgrounds and charming Palm House for inside shooting.



Syon house

lovely park surrroundings with regal Syon House.

great for indoor shoots