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These photo sessions are done in your favorite environment - your home, local park, favorite neighborhood.

A session takes up to two hours usually lasting about one if the little ones are involved.  I take my time and let you interact naturally with some guidance if needed to get the warm, natural photographs that you will cherish for years.

These sessions are a perfect fit for families and couples.




kew garden blooms

Spend a day exploring local park with me this spring now that the weather is finally what we like it to be! . 


Just before sunset, after seeing all the exotic animals at Costwold Wildlife Park & Garden, this family was all smiles and fun. 


This session was a gift from daughter to her visiting mother.  When I arrived to shoot the sun was scorching.  Rather than sweating it outside we quickly changed our plans and shot these images indoor using their open space family room as backdrop.  


They are in love the weather is warm and they are looking forward to their upcoming wedding and future together .  What could be better?  



Theater photography has become my latest love and obsession. 

The light, the set, the drama. 

I never could: my comfort zone is behind the lens, but I love observing actors in their element and the challenge of using only available light and often fast-paced mimicry and scene movement.


If you are a theater company with a dress rehearsal coming up contact me for details.



BABEL - 'How it was done in Odessa' @Tabernacle with Evgeniy Tsiganov, Dmitriy Visotskiy, Mikhael Khimakov and Dina Berdnikova






One of my favorite shoots are events.  I find genuine pleasure in watching others celebrate life's milestones and achievements. 





Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.   Let me capture it right.   



I offer two types of sessions for your newborn

In house studio

These are studio set up shots for your new born.  Ideally the baby should be between 5- 20 days old I will bring all the props, a heater, backdrops and lighting just in case.  The sessions usually will take place in the morning to take advantage of the best light, which would be 9-10am and will last up to 4 hours.I will work with you and the baby to stage and position.  The shoot will include portrait shots with mom , dad and 2 siblings.

Lifestyle portraiture

These are portraits done in your home or in the outside setting of your choice such as a favourite park.  You can have up to 4 adults and 2 siblings participating (please inquire about additional adults).  The shoot will take up to 2 hours and will include group shots as well as some staged shots of the baby in the natural environment.



When was the last time you have updated your linkIn profile?  Do you need a portrait for your publication? Website?  This session will take about an hour and will capture you at your best. 




If you have a small business or a blog, a theater company or an entertainment company you will need professional photographs for your promotion.   



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interior design


I love photography.  It captures those perfect moments, allows us to relive them.  Videograms are just the next step.  Videograms are 1-3 minute videos that capture a special event or a family's day out in short clips.  Perfect to send to friends and family or to use for your business promotion. 

Family day

Spend a day with me doing all the things you love.


Celebrate fall.  Combine photosession with video session.

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